Give employees the support they need

Improve employee well-being, boost work performance, and ease stress, by providing your workforce with the suiting mental support, right at their fingertips.

Strengthen your people's resilience and ability to bounce back

Individual sessions with psychologists
Whether it's private or work-related, employees can receive individual support from our psychologists to discuss any challenge or situation they're facing.
Self-guided care with on-demand content
From productivity to purpose, there are courses, articles, and videos on a variety of topics in our content library to help employees flourish.
Group sessions on well-being topics
We organise group sessions, workshops, and masterclasses to educate employees on common challenges and current topics within the well-being space.
Over 300,000 employees use OpenUp to build resilience
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Empower your workforce to ​​bring their best selves to work. 

We support employee well-being at 1100+ leading organisations.

75% of people are dealing with mental well-being challenges


70% of people can’t meet their mental well-being needs


98% of employees feel more resilient after using OpenUp


“Easy way to talk to someone directly. Talking to someone outside of the office was a relief for me.”

“It is reassuring to have someone to talk to when things are not going so well. In a short introductory session I got useful advice.”

“Really nice that I could speak to someone so quickly (within 10 minutes). It was very professional and I really benefited from the conversation. Great new way of getting help!”

“The psychologist listened carefully, she provided insight and practical advice. After our conversation I don’t feel my complaints are so serious, in fact they are quite normal!”

“Super accessible, which made it easy for me to “open up” as the platform is called! Solution-oriented, and pragmatic which speaks to my personal preference.”

Your people's well-being is important. Luckily, making a positive impact doesn't have to be rocket science.

Building a positive culture is crucial to boosting well-being and performance. Investing in employee well-being improves job satisfaction, motivation, and work performance whilst lowering absenteeism, turnover, and stress.

Improve employee well-being and fuel business performance
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