19.09.23 | 16:00 -17:00 | Online

HR Fireside Chat

How to get the most out of your talents by building a culture of growth, development and mental well-being.


Get inspired by deep diving into workplace well-being and its relation to Learning and Development in organisations with Serginho Lens (GoodHabitz) and Marta Montesdeoca Romero (OpenUp) during a fireside discussion.

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You can register for this online event (for free) now to join Serginho and Marta on September 19th at 16:00 CEST.

During this HR fireside chat you can expect to learn more about..

  • How we define mental well-being in the workplace;
  • The relation of well-being and learning & development to building a culture of growth;
  • Future trends and adaptability in organisations.

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About our guests

Serginho Lens, Learning & Development Manager at GoodHabitz
With over 7 years of hands-on experience in the field of learning and development, Serginho has established himself as a seasoned professional who thrives in cultivating talent and driving organisational excellence. As manager learning and development at GoodHabitz, Serginho’s believe that the heart of any organisation is its people, reflects in his L&D approach. By fostering open communication, active collaboration, and a genuine concern for employee development, he is creating an environment at GoodHabitz where employees feel valued and motivated to excel. His mission is to keep pushing the boundaries of traditional learning approaches and guide individuals and organisations toward their full potential in the ever-evolving landscape of learning and development.
Marta Montesdeoca Romero, Head of People at OpenUp
Marta is a visionary HR leader and diversity advocate with a global mindset. With over 8 years of experience, she has demonstrated a deep commitment to nurturing talent and fostering inclusive workplaces. As the Head of People at OpenUp, Marta has reshaped strategies to drive organisational success, showcasing her expertise. Her leadership celebrates individuality and pushes us towards new dimensions of growth. Marta's global experience shines through various HR roles at 5CA, UNICEF, and SAP, where she navigated cross-cultural dynamics. She holds a Masters Degree in Women, Gender, & Citizenship Studies, reflecting her interest in the transformative potential of leadership, education, and dedicated advocacy.