Daniella Fornell (DSV-Group)

Daniella Fornell boasts a 17-year HR career and, as a member of the executive team at DSV Group, she oversees the strategically important areas of Human Resources and Legal. With a background in Business Administration focusing on Human Resource Management, she doesn’t just bring theoretical knowledge, but also hands-on experience as a certified Business Coach, Agile Coach, and Mediator.

However, her passion extends beyond just the HR realm. Her interests, which include travelling, weightlifting, and mountaineering, showcase her dynamic personality. Daniella’s dedication to modern work methodologies and mindfulness reveals her contemporary approach to HR topics and her ability to adapt to the ever-changing demands of the workplace.

When Daniella takes the stage, you can look forward to a well-informed and refreshing perspective on current HR trends and the associated challenges.

Daniella will hold her session in German.