Frank Piotraschke (SoSafe)

In the rapidly evolving landscape of hybrid work, understanding the shifting values of employees is critical. Join Frank Piotraschke, the Chief Revenue Officer at SoSafe, in an insightful session titled “Leadership’s Evolution in the Age of Hybrid Work and Shifting Employee Values.” Leveraging over two decades of experience in the internet industry, Frank stands at the forefront of cyber security awareness, spearheading global sales and marketing strategies to aid organisations in combatting phishing and other cyber threats.

Renowned for implementing hyper-growth and scaling revenues across various markets and regions, Frank has transformed the cyber security landscape through his innovative approaches. Frank’s leadership philosophy is rooted in empowering his team to deliver exceptional value and service to clients, fostering both innovation and growth in the cyber security awareness domain.

Don’t miss the opportunity to glean invaluable insights from a leader who seamlessly combines traditional leadership virtues with contemporary workforce values.

Frank will hold his session in German.