Nathalie Jäger (Decathlon)

Nathalie Jäger, Chief of Staff and member of the German Management Board at Decathlon Germany, brings a remarkable blend of corporate leadership and a deep understanding of business development and transformation. Her expertise also spans the implementation of agile organisational structures and training, highlighting her role as an Agile Coach.

Beyond her impressive career, Nathalie has furthered her education in fitness and psychology. She’s a trained psychological counsellor, personal trainer, and has deepened her skills in Pilates and Yoga with multiple certifications.

During the OpenUp Summit, Nathalie will participate in a panel discussion on “Leadership’s evolution in the Age of Hybrid Work and Shifting Employee Values”. It promises to be a rewarding opportunity to learn from her profound expertise and experiences.

Join us to hear from Nathalie on how companies can adapt and evolve in this ever-changing work landscape.

Nathalie will hold her session in German.