Prof. Dr. Yasmin Weiß

At the Technical University of Nuremberg, Prof. Dr. Yasmin Weiß has made a name for herself by exploring the deeper implications of digitalization on the future job market. She’s particularly intrigued by the intersection of artificial intelligence and our work world, identifying essential human qualities for the future. During the OpenUp Summit, she will discuss “The human side of AI: Understanding its impact on employee well-being.”

However, Yasmin’s impressive trajectory isn’t confined to academia: she’s a startup founder, political advisor, and holds active roles on several supervisory boards of top German companies. With esteemed career stints at Accenture, E.ON, and BMW Group and recognition as one of the “TOP 40 under 40” by Capital magazine, she continually showcases her cross-industry expertise.

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Yasmin will hold her session in German.