Samuel Koch

Welcome to an inspiring conversation with Samuel Koch, one of the most remarkable figures in Germany. He’s celebrated not only for his unwavering spirit but also for his multifaceted career.

Despite the tragedy he faced during the television show “Wetten, dass..?” in 2010, which left him paralyzed from the neck down, Samuel has never given up. Instead, he exemplifies the idea that “Life goes on … in ways one might not expect.”

Samuel is not only a cornerstone of the National Theater of Mannheim ensemble, but he’s also a successful author, speaker, and boasts an impressive acting career. His journey has afforded him unique insights on topics such as mental well-being, overcoming challenges, and resilience.

Beyond the stage and screen, Samuel leverages his prominence to passionately support social initiatives. He backs organisations like the German Foundation for Spinal Cord Injuries and “Wings for Life,” and has championed causes for children with spinal cord injuries, among other charitable endeavours.

Join us for a “Fireside Chat” with Samuel Koch, where he’ll discuss his life, mental well-being, and the art of perseverance. His insights and experiences serve as a testament to resilience and hope for all of us.

Samuel will hold his session in German.