Build a team of resilient and productive employees

OpenUp offers unlimitedfast, and secure access to consultations with licensed psychologists, as well as mindfulness resources and interactive mental health content.

A resilient work environment where mental health is always a top priority

Activate your entire organization

Everyone faces mental health challenges at some point in their life. We use our extensive support network and proven methodology to mobilize your workforce. 99% of the employees of our clients say that they are happy that their employer offers OpenUp.

Suitable for all employees

From your operational team to the managers, we offer solutions that are suitable for every employee. These include one-on-one consultations or mindfulness sessions with a psychologist, live masterclasses, online courses, and health checks.

A consultation within 24 hours

Offer fast and secure access to mental health support. Employees can get started right away with check-in and our courses. Access to a one-on-one consultation within 24 hours, in over 10 languages.

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Invest in mental health and save on sick leave

investment per employee per year

OpenUp saves on your sick leave costs

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