Put ‘Love in Practice’ with our minicourse

14 Feb ‘23
1 min
Editorial Board OpenUp
Gecontroleerd door Psychologist Paul Hessels
People cultivating relationships in a garden
Are you struggling to express yourself in your romantic relationship? Do you find it hard to trust your friends? Would you like to develop a more positive self-image.You are exactly where you need to be! The “Love in Practice” email course is here to guide you on this journey.

We know that it can be tough to navigate relationships, but we wish to make it a little easier for you. With our course, you’ll get three emails filled with tips and exercises to help you improve your relationships. And as a special bonus, you’ll also get a self-love meditation and three exercises tailored to your needs.

Ready to start building the connections you deserve?

Enjoy bite-sized lessons filled with tips and activities to strengthen your connection with loved ones. Take the first step towards happier and healthier relationships..