Zone In: your crash course to mastering concentration in times of distraction

13 Mar ‘23
1 min
Work performance
Finding purpose
Editorial Board OpenUp
Gecontroleerd door Psychologist Lili Thoelen
Are you struggling to focus on the tasks at hand and finding yourself easily distracted? Do you find yourself constantly checking your phone or social media when you should be working on important projects? This is more common than you think.


The good news is : concentration is a skill that can be developed and strengthened over time! Join our 4-part email mini-course and discover the science behind focus and attention. Learn practical techniques and strategies to overcome common concentration challenges, develop your focus muscle, and identify and eliminate distractions. With mindfulness practices and attentional discipline exercises, you’ll be on your way to unlocking your productivity potential in no time, and maybe even achieving a state of flow!


Curious to know more ? Mini-course: Zone In.

🧠 Ready to sharpen your focus, overcome distractions, and boost your productivity?

This course is for your if:


✅ You are ready to stop letting your phone, email, and other distractions run the show, with tools and strategies designed to take back control of your attention and achieve your goals with greater ease;


✅ You struggle to stay on task and want to learn practical techniques that will help you get more done in less time;


✅ You want to develop your focus muscle and train your brain to stay attentive and alert;


✅ You want to level up your concentration skills, learn how to achieve a state of flow and experience the many benefits of a fully engaged mind.