Navigating Mental Well-being Conversations With Your Team

Managers Opening Up (video)

Occasionally, we all face challenging situations, and this holds true for your team members too. Today, some of them might be dealing with a painful divorce, the loss of a loved one, lack of sleep due to caring for a newborn, or even an existential crisis. These situations can greatly impact work performance, and as a manager, being there for your team in times of need is essential. By opening up a meaningful conversation, your team members will feel cared for and equipped with the necessary tools to prevent any potential escalation.

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Tips from Our Head of Product

In the following video, Selina Van Panhuys-Beelaerts, Head of Product at OpenUp, discusses:


• The key steps for an effective mental well-being conversation at work;
• How she maintains her mental well-being as a manager;
• The challenges she faces when having a difficult conversation with a colleague.