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Recognising burnout and the signs of too much stress (video)

We have discussed the causes and risk factors of burnout. But what exactly is burnout? And how do you recognise the initial signs in your team members? Kim discusses the above in this video:

Recognise the signs of too much stress


Before an individual suffers from long-term burnout, they may initially experience some early signs of severe stress. These signs do not only manifest in a mental or physical capacity, they can also be recognised in the workplace by a change in behaviour.

How to recognise the early signs of severe stress
  • Work absenteeism, social withdrawal
  • Many short absences
  • Not getting work done (despite a lot of overtime)
  • Reduced productivity and work quality
  • Lack of focus, forgetting appointments, making mistakes
  • Loss of motivation and confidence, cynicism
  • Regularly reacting emotionally or irritably

Time to practise: reflection exercise


Grab a (digital) pen and paper…


1. What was your biggest takeaway from the video? What stress symptoms did you discover as the early signs of burnout? 

Write down your findings and take a moment to reflect. 


2. Keeping your team member(s ) in mind, reflect on any behavioural changes you may have observed recently.

What are the less obvious signs that you could also watch out for? Write those down and take a moment for reflection.