Dealing with Ukraine anxiety

Is the attack on Ukraine causing you anxiety? That’s completely normal. Join our group session on dealing with your emotions due to the war in Ukraine.

It's completely normal if the war in Ukraine effects your productivity, mood, and overall well-being

Everyone reacts differently to difficult situations. And any response is okay. It is therefore important to know that your emotions are allowed to be there.

In this Space we make space to talk about your feelings and thoughts, but also to learn how to deal with them. Our psychologists tell you how to tackle this and give you the tools and tips you need.

The group consultation is a safe space to talk to a pscyhologist and other people about the situation in Ukraine and how it affects our mental well-being.

Our psychologists organize multiple Spaces in different languages. Scroll down to see what time and language suits you best.

What are Spaces to OpenUp?
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Professional guidance from certified psychologists