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Grow your self-confidence | Part 2

Group session

This is part 2 of our confidence series! If you haven’t yet taken Part 1: confidence and limiting beliefs, we suggest to start there, as this session builds on what you have learned in part 1.

How exactly does self-confidence come about? Why does it sometimes falter? And what can you do to keep it up? In this group session, you’ll dive deeper into what self-confidence is and you’ll get tips and tools to grow your self-confidence.

Insecurity doesn’t happen or change overnight. Self-confidence neither. Allow yourself some time and space to tackle it. This group session with psychologists Eva Rüger & Emma White will help you get there.

For this session we ask you to switch your camera and microphone on, because it is interactive and needs your participation.

This space is also available in:
Jochem Bukman