Daniëlle van de Kemenade

Stress and anxiety Relationships Mindfulness
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Daniëlle is a psychologist at OpenUp. She believes in walking alongside you as a compassionate friend. Being human isn’t always easy. Sometimes we feel as if life seems to work against us, or as if no one will understand us. During the sessions, she wants you to experience that opening up about whatever is going on in your life can leave you feeling more connected and grounded, and less alone.

Daniëlle brings both scientific knowledge (her Msc. in Psychology & Neuroscience of Mental Health at King’s College London), practical tools (mindfulness, Voice Dialogue, couples counselling, coaching questions) and her own past life experience (unemployment, having lived abroad, grief, love & its struggles) to her sessions with you.

For her own mental health, she opens up to friends, family or her own therapist whenever she needs it. Every weekday she tries to start the day with yoga and meditation and most of the time she succeeds. She also seeks joy and feels alive through music, reading, cooking soothing food and being outside.

Slow down, breathe & notice. One step at a time. It'll be OK, whatever happens.