Djai Baaten

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Djai Baaten is a psychologist at OpenUp. With Djai, you will find that being in therapy does not have to be all about the negative. It will also be about the good things in life, and how to expand those things that make you happy and fulfilled. Djai has a positive attitude and is solution-focused in his work.

Djai has worked with trauma and addiction for the last 4 years and is trained in cognitive behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and EMDR. Djai uses a mixture of these techniques when working with clients, but prefers to use ACT as a basis for understanding thoughts and emotions. Through different exercises and techniques, you will work towards acceptance and calmness, making way for chosen actions.

To take care of his mental health, Djai makes time for himself. Being with friends, reading, travelling and staying physically active through yoga and surfing, are all part of his self-care routine.

Djai speaks both English and Dutch.

“There’s an ancient Eastern saying: “If you don’t decide where you’re going, you’ll end up wherever you’re heading."