Fiorella Janneke Colantuono

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Fiorella is a psychologist at OpenUp. With an international Master’s in Work, Organizational and Personnel Psychology, she specialises in stress-related challenges, finding purpose in work/life, working together in teams, and work performance.

During her sessions, Fiorella creates a safe space to share and explore challenges together, focusing on your talents and strengths to create impact. Through connection and openness, she helps to expose thoughts and beliefs that underlie and affect your feelings and behavior, and works together with you to make a positive change and increase joy in your life.

As a coach and dancer, Fiorella connects body and mind, focusing on movement as a drive for (mental) health & happiness, self-confidence and self-awareness. Fiorella worked as a HR consultant in organisations and foundations in various countries, where she adopted a culturally sensitive approach.

Fiorella speaks Dutch, English and Spanish.

"What will be the next step you take towards more joy in your (work)life? I'm happy to explore this together."