Jan Helder

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Jan Helder is a psychologist at OpenUp. The conversations with Jan are in a calm and open environment. Personal circumstances are sometimes difficult to discuss and he understands that not every environment can offer the safety to talk openly. However, starting to talk, immediately helps.

Jan looks at your situation with you and helps you to get more grip and a general overview.  Jan thinks along with you about possible ways in which you can see immediate improvements.

To take care of his mental health, Jan asks himself the same question every evening: “What was my favourite moment of the day?”. With that question, he brings the peace back into his day. Investing a little extra attention in the positive sides of life helps him to end every day in a good mood.

Jan obtained his Master’s in Work and Organizational Psychology at the VU in Amsterdam.

Jan speaks both Dutch and English.

"An honest conversation about how your are doing is a gift that you can give yourself at any time."