Jochem Bukman

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Jochem is a psychologist for OpenUp. He likes creating connections in order to investigate together what is going on. His starting point is your perspective: What is your own explanation for your challenges? Whilst doing so, he prefers to use humor to lighten up these issues but he certainly does not shy away from confrontation when it is helpful for the process.

To start his day with intention, he meditates every morning for ten minutes. In addition, he takes a moment every week to reflect and remain aware of his growth, of what is going well and what could be improved. He likes to combine his background in Occupational and Organizational Psychology, his previous work experience and his Master’s in Clinical Psychology to reformulate a challenge and look for appropriate solutions.

Jochem speaks both Dutch and English.

"Asking for help means to take charge of your life. I look forward to helping you discover how you can have more influence. How do you want to grow? "