Madelief Falkmann

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Madelief is a psychologist at OpenUp. During your conversations, she will make use of the ACT method, among other things. This method helps you to live a conscious and valuable life, by teaching you to deal with unpleasant feelings you experience, to take a healthy distance from negative thoughts (Acceptance), to take away inhibitions, and to focus on what is really important in your life and what you value (Commitment).

Together you will explore what costs you energy and what gives you energy in everyday life. Madelief is convinced that a good balance between movement and rest has a positive effect on the psyche. In the consultations, you can expect her to lend a listening ear, ask a lot of open questions, and return her findings to hold up a mirror back to you.

To organise her own thoughts and find peace next to her work and social life, she prefers to go running or cycling in nature. She also regularly practices yoga and mindfulness.

Madelief obtained her Master’s degree in Health Psychology at the University of Twente and then worked within the primary mental health care and the field of Work and Organisational Psychology. In addition, she followed a course in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Running Therapy.

Madelief speaks both Dutch and English.

"A growth mindset helps you to face challenges and achieve more. Also, it helps to create an environment in which learning is central. I help you investigate how you can strengthen your growth mindset."