Mirte Knieriem

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Mirte is a psychologist at OpenUp. What characterises her as a psychologist is her calm, empathic and open-minded attitude towards people from all walks of life. She values providing a safe environment without judgement to open up and to let people benefit most from her sessions. She recognises that everyone has different needs and preferences, and, therefore, tries to establish a good therapeutic relationship to collaborate and to find a way to fit each individual client. She is patient and kind, but also dares to ask difficult and sometimes confronting questions.

Mirte values building on a client’s strengths and resilience, and not only looking at the problems that are going on in someone’s life. Besides CBT, she is trained in ACT and has an interest in Positive Psychology and Mindfulness. Mirte is also a yoga teacher and Forest Bathing guide, which highlights the value she puts on incorporating nature, relaxation, exercise and meditation into general well-being.

In the past few years, Mirte has gained experience in different countries around the world working will clients on all kinds of topics, such as anxiety, trauma, mood and relationships. A substantial amount of her work experience included working in the field of addiction care, where she worked with clients changing their negative behavioural patterns, dealing with emotional issues and finding more purpose in life and in their relationships. She got her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology at Utrecht University and studied at Stellenbosch University in South Africa.

To take care of her own mental health, Mirte likes to go into nature, practice yoga and meditation or explore creative outlets. She aims to create a balance in life between social interactions and time for herself by maintaining healthy habits.

Mirte speaks Dutch and English.

"Accept the things you cannot change, change the things you can, and learn to know the difference."