Sevinç Ayşe Kaya

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Sevinç is a psychologist at OpenUp. Sevinç believes it is important that you feel heard and understood in the conversations you have together. Your needs are central to her. Therefore, she creates a safe and comfortable space for you to speak openly about whatever is on your mind.

Every person is unique, so their needs are too. Together, you will discover the right approach to support with your challenges. In the consultations, she will mainly use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), but she is always open to explore other options.

In her free time, Sevinç draws portraits. Focusing on her drawings makes her thoughts slow down. With an eased-up mind, she becomes more able to cope with the challenges she faces.

Sevinç has grown up in The Netherlands and in Turkey. She obtained her Master’s in Clinical (developmental) Psychology at the VU in Amsterdam.

Sevinç speaks both Dutch and Turkish.

Sevinç Ayşe Kaya
"Sometimes we can't deal with our challenges ourselves. That's totally okay, we're human beings and we need each other. We can look at your needs together, without judgement."