Stéphanie Severs

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Stéphanie is a psychologist at OpenUp. She is convinced that self awareness is the key to finding a possible solution to our struggles.

During your sessions you will be invited to explore a particular situation and try detecting what is troubling you and what is in the way of a possible solution.

Through her professional and personal experience she has learnt that the feeling of belonging is deeply intertwined to our well-being and self-confidence.  This is why the social and family environment are also a point of interest in her approach.

After immigrating from Brazil to The Netherlands, Stéphanie and her husband have built a family with three kids. In challenging times she also reaches out to psychologists in order to develop herself, to understand and accept a given situation or just to be heard and have a safe space to share her thoughts and feelings.

Stéphanie has years of experience with psychoanalysis, the Social Protection Services and Restorative Justice.  She had her own practice and she has worked advising the juvenile court and the public prosecution in Brazil.

Her bachelor degree in psychology was granted by the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul (PUC-RS) in Brazil and her master’s degree in clinical psychology by Utrecht University in The Netherlands.

Stéphanie speaks English and Portuguese.

Nosce te ipsum (Know yourself). Be brave enough to know yourself and you will always be a step closer to achieving your goals and dreams. I’ll be happy to guide you in this!