Yulan Qing

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Yulan is a psychologist at OpenUp. Yulan is a compassionate listener with an open mind. She believes that each problem in life is an invitation under disguise to self-reflect and reconnect to your overlooked needs.

Yulan will invite you to listen to and decipher the message and help you (re)discover the innate strengths and resources to cope more effectively with everyday life. Together, you will make plans for small actions which will lead you closer to your goals in life. During the conversation, a safe, warm and non-judgmental space will be created.

Yulan could help when you experience too much stress in life or at work, worries, emotional distress, loneliness or lack of self-care. In the session, she will use methods from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT).

To take care of her mental health, Yulan enjoys doing activities that could pause the ‘thinking brain’ and bring the mind and body back to the ‘here and now’. These activities include at-home yoga, cooking, cleaning, and outdoor activities like cycling and hiking in nature.

Yulan obtained her Master’s degree in Medical Psychology in China and is finishing her PhD degree on psychotrauma and resilience at the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam. Yulan has been living in the Netherlands for 6 years and understands the struggle of being an expat.

Yulan speaks both Mandarin Chinese and English.

"On the other side of vulnerability lies humanity and growth. Seeking help is a courageous starting step to open up and reconnect with your inner self. Let's take this journey together."