Online video sessions with your psychologist

Have a conversation with your psychologist at your convenience. 95% of our clients say that 3 sessions already helped them with their problem. 3 sessions of 25 minutes cost €249.

This is how it works

We’ve made it as simple as possible so you can get started quickly.

1. Buying credit

For € 249 you get 3 online sessions with your OpenUp psychologist. Want to see if OpenUp is for you first? Then book a free introduction.

2. Book a session

Schedule your online session with your OpenUp psychologist immediately. When it’s convenient for you. After each session, you will receive a link to schedule your next session.

3. Make progress

In addition to providing insights and practical tools, your OpenUp psychologist guides you personally – as a trainer on the sidelines – in achieving your goal.

“The psychologist listened carefully, she provided insight and practical advice. After our conversation I don’t feel my complaints are so serious, in fact they are quite normal!”

“Super accessible, which made it easy for me to “open up” as the platform is called! Solution-oriented, and pragmatic which speaks to my personal preference.”

“We think it is important that when employees develop psychological complaints, that we can help them. OpenUp’s professional psychologists help with just that!”

Roos Schelvis, Senior HR policy advisor Erasmus Universiteit

“We’re growing fast, which means the rate of change is high. This can be quite stressful for some employees. OpenUp helps our employees to become more resilient.”

Leonoor de Vries, Head of People Ace&Tate

“My psychologist, Keri, was nice and extremely helpful. The platform works well and the interaction feels like a face-to-face conversation.”